Genvid SDK 1.20 – New Branding, Upgrades, and More

While the team’s been hard at work on this update throughout the spring, we were also busy showing the Genvid SDK at a number of events all over the globe. We also are excited to have continued partnering with FACEIT for the ECS Season 7 Finals. Everywhere we go, we get great feedback and find ways to improve the Genvid SDK; many of which we’re happy to bring to you with the Genvid SDK 1.20.

Here are some of the updates you’ll see in 1.20:

  • We updated the Genvid logo and other branding throughout the Genvid SDK. Enjoy the new look!
  • Upgrades to many of our external tools and framework, including NodeJS and the entire Hashicorp Suite.
  • The Cluster UI now has a Status page, where you can directly manage your Vault Servers and Policies.
  • New UMD and NPM module support for importing our JavaScript API.
  • Reconnect support for the GenvidClient (web) interface.
  • A new web-notification API which lets you broadcast a notification directly to all clients from outside your game.
  • The addition of custom-named profiles to the Genvid Toolbox, making it easier to manage multiple environments.

We’ve also made significant changes to several sections of the Genvid SDK documentation to improve usability. Thanks to everyone for your feedback–keep it coming!

Make sure to review the Genvid SDK 1.20 Upgrade Notes for important information about upgrading from earlier versions.

For a detailed list of the existing and upcoming features, please view our complete release notes.