Genvid SDK 1.18.0 – New “On Air” Studio Feature, Better Terraform Integration and Unity Streaming Waiver

Broadcast On Air in Studio

Just like a live Broadcasting Studio, the Genvid Studio UI interface now offers a Broadcast Widget allowing you to enable or disable the live stream with the use of the “On Air” feature directly inside the Studio UI when you are ready to start streaming.

You can easily setup the Broadcast Widget default mode on startup with a few simple click or commands.  Visit the Genvid Studio Sample section of our documentation to learn more.

Terraform Integration Improvements

Each new release comes with continued efforts towards new and existing functionalities.  For the Terraform support in the Bastion UI, our team has focused on adding a few new features to help manage your clusters.

Some of these features include:

  • Saving the state of the Terraform working directory into Consul, allowing greater reliability and flexibility.
  • Adding an option for cloning an existing cluster into a new one.
  • A new Terraform variables editor which mirrors the layout of the Cluster UI settings. It includes a description of each variable, lists default values, and highlights globally-set variables while letting you override them.
  • The ability to download the Terraform variables as a JSON file, and allowing you to drag and drop a JSON file directly into the editor to change multiple values at once.

More improvements will continue to be delivered to you in upcoming releases.

Unity Streaming Waiver

Using the Genvid SDK with your Unity Project just got a whole lot easier!  Unity Streaming Restrictions will be waived for Unity Projects initially using the Genvid SDK for Interactive Streaming. We have been authorized by Unity to make reference of this Streaming Restriction waiver with Developers that benefit from it. In addition, Unity agrees to directly confirm upon request the existence of this waiver to Developers who would want to obtain such confirmation. All such requests will be addressed to Unity.

For a detailed list of the existing and upcoming features, please view our complete release notes.