Genvid SDK 1.16.0 – Studio UX Improvements and New Clusters Terraform in Bastion UI

Genvid Studio Improvements

In this latest version, a number of improvements went into the Genvid Studio user experience and service quality.

  • Studio now supports new Wipe filters and includes a good collection for you to use right away.
  • The new Scene Widget lets you save your scene configurations for quick reuse.
  • We added timed interpolator for audio and video transitions.
  • There are also a number of improvements in Studio performance and the responsiveness of its controls.

Clusters page is now Terraform page in Bastion UI

A new UX configuration introduces you to your clusters now being grouped together under the Terraform page (previously named Clusters). The process of managing your Cluster Terraform configurations remains the same, however, with the improved UI you can complete a configuration with fewer clicks and can navigate between the configurations more easily.

Leafd metrics

There’s a total of 22 new metrics that are now emitted from the leaf!  Start experimenting with those new metrics via the TICK sample. Additionally, Leafd now has a new configuration services.leaf.maxConnections which limits the number of connections per leaf. This setting is used to allow better load balancing on the WebSocket connections, removing nodes from the available pool once their limit is reached.

For a detailed list of the existing and upcoming features, please view our complete release notes.