Genvid Releases Revolutionary Interactive Streaming Technology for eSports Broadcasts

Integrated support for YouTube, Unreal Engine 4, and Amazon Web Services enables game developers to quickly create and drive revenue from premium eSports broadcasts.

NEW YORK, Jan. 18, 2017 — Game technology solutions provider Genvid Technologies, Inc. (Headquarters: New York, henceforth “Genvid”) today announced the release of the Genvid SDK, the first broadcast solution built to make any multiplayer game (eSports, VR, MMOs, etc.) more compelling to watch on streaming services such as YouTube.

Game developers using the Genvid SDK can make any live game stream interactive over YouTube or any streaming platform. With Genvid ‘s technology, developers can easily realize and monetize truly premium broadcast experiences for their audiences. Viewers can learn more about their favorite players, cheer for them, switch between different cameras, and even affect the game itself.

“Interactive streaming– the ability to click on video as though you are in the game– is the future of the game industry,” says Genvid CEO Jacob Navok. “Until Genvid, developers looked at viewership as a marketing tool. With our patent-pending technology, the bifurcation between players and viewers breaks down, leading to a new market of revenue opportunity through viewership and a revolution for the game industry.”

Using the Genvid SDK’s simplified cloud launch functionality, developers and broadcasters can also generate and operate as many dynamic, interactive server-side cameras as are needed to showcase the in-game stadium. Interest in the technology has been strong, with over 25 game developers (including the world’s largest publishers) and video game broadcasters having participated in the company’s pre-release testing program.

“As an eSports broadcaster, we’re always looking for innovative technologies that push the viewing experience forward,” says Andy Vander Woude, CEO of Next Generation Esports (NGE). “Genvid’s tech makes video content clickable and interactive in a way we’ve never seen before.”

Interactive Streaming: A Massive Opportunity for Game Developers

The Genvid SDK maps viewer interactions onto the video itself in real-time. As a result, livestreams can be monetized through transactions that are uniquely targeted to the person watching, leading to a huge revenue opportunity for game developers between sponsorships and in-stream purchases.

“Game developers have been looking for solutions that enable meaningful participation in the streaming market,” says Andy Kipling, CEO of Hardsuit Labs in Seattle. “Genvid’s technology opens new opportunities for game creators.”

Developers interested in accessing the Genvid SDK can learn more about it by visiting the Genvid Technologies website at

The Genvid SDK Offers Its Rich Functionality for Popular Services

Integrated Support for YouTube

Developers using the Genvid SDK can broadcast live to YouTube while displaying personalized on-screen information, automatically synchronized for each viewer, through seamless integration of the YouTube API.

Unreal Engine 4 Plugin

The Genvid SDK can be quickly integrated into any game, and offers streamlined support for Unreal Engine 4 through a simple-to-use plugin, making interactivity over game streams capable of being deployed in mere minutes with products using the popular game engine. Also included in the Genvid SDK are all the tools and documentation required for studios with proprietary engines to integrate today, with plugin support for other major game engines to be announced soon.

Amazon Web Services Launch Tools (Beta)

The Genvid SDK also includes a beta set of launch tools for cloud deployment of games via Amazon Web Services. Through the Genvid SDK, game developers will be able to easily deploy, control and scale their spectator mode without requiring players to stream the game.

What is Genvid Technologies?

Founded in 2016 by game industry veterans, including the former technical and business leadership of Square Enix Holdings Co. Ltd. subsidiary Shinra Technologies, Genvid is backed by March Capital Partners and OCA Ventures.

Genvid provides an SDK for game developers to integrate into their games and allows game developers to make revolutionary broadcasts. The Genvid SDK is a simple-to-use middleware, flexible enough to run on any streaming platform and infrastructure that developers want to support.

The company’s name is a fusion of two Latin root words, Gen meaning “birth” and Vid meaning “viewing”; reflecting the company’s mission to power a new era of interactive streaming experiences.

A media kit for this release, including screenshots, is available at
The media kit uses footage from Unreal Tournament Pre-Alpha Season.

Genvid Technologies debuted its live demo with Unreal Tournament Pre-Alpha Season at CES 2017 from January 5-8 2017 in Las Vegas.

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