Genvid Technologies Joins Unity Technologies’ New Verified Solutions Partner Program


Genvid Technologies Joins Unity Technologies’ New Verified Solutions Partner Program

Genvid’s technology now available on the Unity Asset store as a Unity Verified Solutions Partner, enabling any Unity developer to quickly create cross-platform interactive streams, or even their own streaming platforms

NEW YORK, NY (June 20, 2019) – Interactive streaming engine Genvid Technologies revealed today that it is now as a Unity Verified Solutions Partner. 

Genvid’s SDK enables game developers to quickly create a unique, interactive streaming experience on Twitch, YouTube and other streaming platforms, or even allow the developer to create their own interactive platform. The Genvid Unity plugin, now available in the Unity Asset Store through the partnership, simplifies the work necessary for developers to create interactive game streams, media streams, and more.

“Genvid’s goal is to empower game developers in this new world where games and media are merging,” said Jacob Navok, CEO, Genvid. “Through the power of Genvid’s Unity plugin, in mere hours any Unity developer can get their own interactive broadcast up and running. Importantly, our SDK will let you write once and deploy interactivity across different platforms, with more coming in the future. You can create new interactive formats for massive audiences that weren’t possible before Genvid.”

“We believe that interactive streaming is an important future for the games and media industries, which Genvid is enabling through its multi-platform, multi-infrastructure SDK,” says Adam Myhill, Head of Cinematics, at Unity Technologies. “Unity and has partnered with Genvid to be one of the first Verified Solutions Partner Program members, bringing the Genvid interactivity solutions to the Asset Store, so that developers can quickly build amazing streaming experiences.”

At GDC 2019 earlier this year, Genvid unveiled two projects built in Unity with Genvid’s technology, Project Eleusis by Pipeworks Studios and CHKN Arena by Katapult Studio. More Genvid projects using the Unity platform are in development. Additionally, Genvid Japan recently brought on reknowned technology evangelist Takaaki Ichijo, creator of Back in 1995 and known for his work with Unity Technologies Japan and CRIWARE, to assist in its advocacy efforts in Japan.

 About Genvid Technologies

Founded in 2016 by game industry veterans and backed by Horizons Ventures, Makers Fund, March Capital Partners and OCA Ventures, Genvid has raised $20M to-date and provides an SDK for game developers, broadcasters and media companies to integrate into their products and make revolutionary interactive streams.

The Genvid SDK is a simple-to-use middleware, flexible enough to run on any streaming platform and infrastructure that developers want to support. As a result, livestreams can be monetized through transactions that are uniquely targeted to the individual watching, leading to a significant revenue opportunity for game developers through sponsorships and in-stream purchases.

In recent months Genvid has shown its technology working at scale and with key partners, providing the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive premium pass functionality for Twitch and FACEIT for the ECS Finals, and for ESL for IEM Katowice.

The first interactive streaming tools built specifically for developers, the Genvid SDK can be downloaded for free at

The company’s name is a fusion of two Latin root words, Gen meaning “birth” and Vid meaning “viewing”; reflecting the company’s mission to power a new era of interactive streaming experiences.